Jimmy Kimmel Challenged Roy Moore To A Fight & Of Course We’re Down



Jimmy Kimmel, who used to be THIRD on COED’s official Late Night TV hosts (behind Stephen Colbert and Conan O’Brien, but miles ahead of Jimmy Fallon’s clown ass), but after a strong, strong 2017, Kimmel has wrestled his way into the Top 2.

Whether it be through his thoughtful opening monologues following the birth of his son, the death of Don Rickles, or the Las Vegas shooting, or his always hilarious sketches, Kimmel has found a niche in the Late Night landscape as the everyman.

This week, Kimmel somehow found himself in a Twitter war with the (alleged) diddling Senate candidate Roy Moore.

So during his opening monologue, Kimmel took the time to respond to Moore’s threat (?) the only way he knew how: accepting.

He also sent Jake Byrd, one of the show’s funniest characters, down to a Roy Moore rally in Alabama to stir up all sorts of shit. It’s glorious.

We have a feeling 2018 may be the first year Jimmy Kimmel is the #1 rated Late Night TV Host.

COED Writer
COED Writer
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