‘Floribama Shore’ 2017: Meet The Full Cast Of New MTV Show









Floribama Shore is coming to bless all of our TV, Computer, Tablet and Cell Phone screens Monday, November 27th at 10:00 P.M. ET. MTV is beyond excited to recapture the attention of millions of new fans who were not old enough to truly enjoy the wonders of the Jersey Shore. MTV understands that people love to party and they crave drama wether they realize it or not. I’m sure Floribama shore will exceed all expectations as to what it really means to be a trash ball of fun. Look for cat fights, drinks being thrown, unnecessary temper tantrums and whole bunch of pranks! and that’s something we all can fist pump too.
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In its inaugural season of this Jersey Shore spinoff is full of fresh new faces, Despite not having any of the original Jersey Shore members they till stuck to the formula that made Jersey Shore must see TV. They did this by finding cast members with very similar characteristics as some of the old members. You have your overly buff self centered guys who worry about their appearance way more than they should. They also walk around like they can do no wrong. Not to be out done by a group of beautiful girls who aren’t afraid to speak out about their feelings. In other words the ideal cast for a reality show about partying and drama. So who exactly are these new members!?

These 8 cast members will be fixtures on your screens for the next few months so you better get to know their faces! I can only imagine the stuff that will go on during this season! Now its time to go GTL before the show starts!

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