Candace Rice: Hottest Photos Of ‘Floribama Shore’ Cast Member

Candace Rice, 24, will be one of the cast members for tonight’s premiere of MTV’s Floribama Shore. Rice is a southern belle from Memphis, Tennessee, “where she saw more gun violence than she cares to remember,” according to her MTV bio.

Rice sees herself as a voice of reason with a “wild side” at times. She was nominated for the title “most likely to be drunk by noon” out of everyone on the cast. Out of all the members of The Jersey Shore, she identifies most with Jenni “JWOWW” Farley. “I like a lot of characteristics about her,” said Rice. “She’s very much the reasonable one in the house, but she kinda has that fighting spirit to her.”

The 24-year-old Memphis-native already has a crazy story to share about an incident that occurred during the taping of Floribama Shore. During the early part of the season, a drunken roommate wandered into Rice’s bed, urinated, and then wandered off to sleep somewhere else. Upon realizing that she was sleeping in piss, Rice became disgusted and accused fellow cast-member Kortni of being the culprit.

What to know more about Candace Rice? Here’s a better look at her MTV bio:

“Candace brings the southern belle to PCB with her big hair, perfectly applied make-up and Instagram — ready outfits. But growing up in Memphis, she saw more gun violence than she cares to remember, so for her, this summer is all about being care-free. Her quick wit and no-nonsense demeanor make her a voice of reason in the house, and she happily takes wild child Kortni under her wing.”

You can find Candace Rice on MTV tonight at 10 P.M. (EST) for the series premiere of Floribama Shore.

Who is Candace Rice?

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Candace Rice is a 24-year-old southern belle from Memphis, Tennessee. Her Instagram handle is “pimpfriedrice”. She’ll be just one of eight participants on MTV’s brand, spanking new reality series Floribama Shore. The lady known as Pimp Fried Rice is a certified party girl, as she was voted “most likely to be drunk by known” out of every cast member.

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