Miss COED Pre Round Results!

Congratulations to the 37 girls who will be continuing on to Round 1 of the Miss COED 2018 competition!

We officially have one girl from each school, but who will represent their conference? Voting for Round 1 officially starts 11/29 and runs through December 13th! In the meantime, get to know the winners from PRE Rounds!


University of Central Florida: Presley Peterson
University of Houston: AnElizabeth Peyton
University of Cincinnati: Marissa Izzi
Temple University: Vanessa Fattizzo
Clemson: Emma Divine
Syracuse University: Taylor Feldman
Virginia Tech: Riley Wyant
North Carolina State University: Hannah Schauer
BIG 10:
Pennsylvania State University: Rachael Muir
Indiana University: Hannah Marshall
University of Illinois: Josie McNeany
University of Iowa: Kayley Philbin
BIG 12:
West Virginia University: Ana Herrera
Baylor University: Paige Haines
Texas Christian University: Grace Lamb
Kansas State University: Katie Kastens
University of Kansas: Savannah Mcdonald
University of Oklahoma: Rachel Toney
University of North Texas: Erica Mccmullen
University of Texas San Antonio: Bri Silva
Florida Atlantic University: Cassandra Hendon
College of Mount Saint Vincent: Julia McGowan
University at Buffalo: Patricia Aguirre
Bowling Green State University: Anna Dalesandro
Kent State University: Jenna Palek
University of Akron: Victoria Sommer
Miami University: Alex Vancura
Colorado State University: Avery Lemler
San Diego State University: Dani Caha
San Jose State University: Allegra Jarvis
PAC 12:
University of Colorado – Boulder: Lauren Richey
Arizona State University: Ashli Digiambattista
University of Oregon: Jordan Glassman
Washington State University: Kylie Serl
Auburn University: Katie Canham
University of South Carolina: Florencia Tarque
University of Kentucky: Brittany Mashea Love

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