Kevin Janson Neal Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details of Rancho Tehama Shooter

The gunman that left four people dead and many others injured in a shooting rampage that ended at an elementary school in Northern California on Tuesday has been identified as Kevin Janson Neal.
Neal, who sometimes used the name Smith, was identified after investigators worked the seventh crime scene, which is where the shooting spree came to an end. Neal killed at least four people and hospitalized 10 more – including two children.
Neal was eventually shot and killed by sheriff deputies.

According to authorities, Neal had been feuding with his neighbors, who were also targeted during the shooting. Neal was facing charges of assault, and one of the neighbors had placed a restraining order against him.
The gunman tried to enter Tehama Elementary School, but the teachers placed the school on lockdown after hearing gunshots, preventing the shooter from getting in.
One student was shot and injured at an elementary school after shootings occurred at seven separate scenes near the town of Red Bluff. A second child and a female adult were shot in a truck, authorities said.
Police believe that Neal was picking targets at random.

Lyndo Jones Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details
Lyndo Jones Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details
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