#HolidayCookingHacks: Top Must-See Funny Posts For Preparing Thanksgiving Dinner

#HolidayCookingHacks, Thanksgiving

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Preparing Thanksgiving dinner can be overwhelming, especially when you realize that you’ll have to do this all over again if you are hosting a Christmas dinner. Then you only have a week to prepare for any New Years holiday-party, yet who has the money to get things catered? It makes you hope for any hacks or tricks to make the work easier.

Using the hashtag #HolidayCookingHacks, people are sharing all the ways they plan to cheat this holiday season. Either that or make jokes about how they plan to wait it out until February somewhere off the Ukrainian border. Odessa seems really nice this year.

That pure side dish dinner seems to be on to something!

It seems that there are just endless ways to skip out on work! Have you any ideas?

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