Xbox One X: COED @ Doritos & Mountain Dew's Drop Zone In NYC! was recently invited to a recent media only event for the Doritos and Mountain Dew Drop Zone Challenge which pitted players against each other to score an Xbox One X! Hosted by Community’s Joel McHale, also an avid Xbox fan, and Xbox’s own Director of Programming, Larry Hryb a.k.a “Major Nelson”! We got a chance to play the game before the public gets a chance to play it in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago in the upcoming days and we got a chance to speak to Joel and Larry before the festivities!
Using GPS tracking and AR technology, players will have a chance to find and capture “virtual Xbox One X’s throughout the game map. The challenge begins when every other player sees that you have the Xbox on their map (displayed on their phone) and you hide and defend you “virtual Xbox” with power-ups found throughout the map! Whoever can hold onto the Xbox by the end of the match wins a real life Xbox One X! While we weren’t so lucky (thanks to some app problems), the game combines hide and seek and capture the flag as you fight to keep your Xbox in your possession. It was an absolute thrill to play and made me look crazy running around central park fighting to get an Xbox One X!

While the main attraction was the Drop Zone challenge, we were able to get some hands on time with the Xbox One X where I got to play a race in Forza Motorsport 7 and play against the Seahawks in a match of Madden 18! Suffice to say, Microsoft has hit it out of the park with this console! Even outside in the daylight, the console made the games look stunning and vibrant on their 4K displays. Players in Madden looked lifelike and facial animations made the players look like they were right behind the glass. Any fan of the Xbox brand or 4K television user needs this console this Holiday season!
Check out our interviews with Joel McHale & Major Nelson below:

We got the chance to chat with Community‘s Joel McHale to see exactly why he games on the Xbox family of devices, what games he’s currently playing on his brand new Xbox One X and see what some of his favorite gaming memories are!

Next, we got the chance to talk to Director of Programming and all around amazing dude, Larry Hryb a.k.a. “Major Nelson”! We spoke a little about how excited he is to launch this new version of the Xbox One system, what his favorite Xbox exclusive title was this year, and where exactly the Xbox brand lies in the future!

Doritos & Mountain Dew Drop Zone Dates:

There are 2 more drop zones happening this weekend so if you want a chance to win an Xbox One X and live in either: New York, Los Angeles or Chicago, head on over to for more information!

New York – Randall’s Island

• 11/10 and 11/11; 12-4 PM

Los Angeles – Whittier Narrows

• 11/11 and 11/12; 3-7 PM

Chicago – Lincoln Park

• 11/11 and 11/12; 1-5 PM

For all things Xbox One X and gaming keep it here at!

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