Sammy Sosa Net Worth 2018: How Much Is Sammy Worth Now?

Sammy Sosa is a living legend of baseball, who has hit over 600 homeruns during 20 year career in the major leagues. Sosa retired in 2009, but he’s back in the spotlight after his new photos went viral. The former MLB star now has the appearance of a white man after consistently using skin bleeching cream since his retirement. Sosa is hardly recognizable, but his accomplishments and legacy remains intact.

During his legendary 20 year baseball career, Sammy Sosa has played on many different teams, including the Texas Ranger, the Chicago Cubs, the Balitmore Orioles, and the Chicago White Sox. In the 1998 MLB season, he picked the nickname “Slammy Sammy” as part of the White Sox, as he hit 66 home runs that season. He never played in the World Series or an MLB Hall of Famer, but he’s still a legend in the eyes of many fans.

Let’s see how much Sammy Sosa has in the bank…

Sammy Sosa Net Worth as of 2018: $70 Million

Mr. Sosa has an impressive $70 million waiting for him in the bank. In November 2013, he bought a $7.6 million oceanfront home in North Miami Beach. According to the listing agent, Nelson Gonzalez, Sosa’s home “is one of the most beautiful homes in all of Golden Beach.”

Let’s take a look at Sosa’s storied career and accomplishments…

1989 – Present

Sammy Sosa Net Worth 2017


On June 16, 1989, Sammy Sosa made his major league debut for the Texas Rangers. His first-ever career home run was hit off of Roger Clemens, while with the Rangers. On July 29, 1989, Sosa was traded over to the Chicago White Sox.

While with the White Sox, Sammy struck out a lot. In 1990, he struck out 150 times, the most in the league. However, he did make 15 home runs, 70 runs batted in, 10 triples, and 32 stolen bases.

Sammy was traded to the Chicago Cubs in 1992, and stayed with the team for over ten years. He really improved his game while with the Cubs, hitting with power and speed, and improving his batting average to .300 with 25 home runs, 70 RBIs, and 22 stolen bases. Sammy just kept on improving through the years and eventually developed into a major league monster, as he stole 416 total bases in 1998.

The famed baseball player hit so many homeruns that he won the Babe Ruth Home Run Award.

Sosa left the Cubs in 2004, and headed over to the Baltimore Orioles, a year later. In the 2005 season alone, Sosa took home $17,875,000, and the Chicago Cubs paid $7 million of his salary. He eventually ended his career where he began; with the Texas Rangers.

He retired on June 3, 2009. Then two weeks, later a steroid scandal broke out, naming the then-recently retired baseball star as part of a list of players who tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2003.

In 2017, Sammy Sosa is once again a trending topic, as his new Caucasian appearance has caught the eyes of various internet surfers and media outlets.


According to Tom Ricketts, if Sammy Sosa ever wishes to be welcomed back by the team, he needs to “put everything on the table” in regard to PED use during his playing days.

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