Kennesaw State University Decides To Allow Cheerleaders To Kneel During National Anthem

UPDATE 9/11/18:  Miss Dean, a former cheerleader on the squad who did not make the team this year is suing the school. Dean, Michaelyn Wright, Tommia Dean, Taylor Mclver, Kennedy Town and Shlondra Young, were the five Kennesaw State University cheerleaders who kneeled before the Kennesaw State’s game on September 30, 2017.
A Georgia university that originally moved it’s cheerleaders into the stadium tunnel as they protested has decided to allow them to protest on the field.
In a letter to students and staff, Kennesaw State University President Sam Olens said that the university has a duty to protect freedom of speech.
Olens said that the school’s cheer team would be allowed on the field before the national anthem on Saturday, which is veterans day.
The letter was sent out after five cheerleaders took a knee during a September 30 game, prompting angry calls and emails from boosters and alumni.
Following the protest, university officials announced that the cheer squad would be removed from the field before the kickoff. The decision was reversed this week.

“I will stand during the National Anthem to honor the women and men who have served in our nation’s armed forces.. While I chose this action, I do not believe that this debate has to be a choice between honoring our veterans and protecting the freedom of speech. We must be able to do both.

With 35,000 students, Kennesaw State is Georgia’s third-largest university and one of the 50 largest public schools in the country.

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