College Professor Arrested For Drinking & Driving To The University Before Passing Out

Brent Allsup, a Kennesaw State University professor, was arrested after he was found passed out and intoxicated by police at his university’s student center.
According to police, Allsup, who began working at the Georgia university in August 2007, had consumed “three to five beers” before driving to the campus. Police reports state that they found him asleep inside the school’s student center around 10PM on October 5.
Authorities then searched Allsup’s car where they found Hydrocodone, Xanax and amphetamine salts. They also found a half-empty, 16-ounce aluminum beer bottle in the center console.
Tiffany Capuano, a spokeswoman for Kennesaw State University, said that Allsup worked in the business college’s school of accounting part-time, but has been suspended due to the investigation.
According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Allsup was booked into Cobb County jail around 7 PM on October 6. He was charged with three felony drug charges and an open-container misdemeanor count.
Allsup was released from jail around 2:30 AM on a $11,220 bond.
The AJC says Allsup’s next court date was not listed in the court’s online database.

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