'Game Of Thrones' Actor Reveals Their First Reaction To The Final Season Script

With production on the eighth and final season of Game Of Thrones underway, the cast is doing the media rounds, discussing all sorts of things, from where the shows been to where its headed now.
One of the most extensive interviews is with Kit Harington, the frustratingly handsome actor who plays Jon Snow. Speaking during an appearance on England’s The One Show Harington touched on all sorts of topics, such as how he deals with his Thrones-level fame, an unseen episode of GoT that only the show’s creators have seen, and even his reactions to the season 8 script.
Speaking to The One Show hosts Ricky Wilson and Alex Jones, the 30-year-old Thrones superstar admitted that the season 8 script caused him to cry.


“I’m really emotional about it. We had the read through last week, so I know everything. But I cried at the end – not over anything particular that happened – but it’s been 8 years and no one cares about it more than we do.”

Now, the question is, is Harington crying because he appreciates the utter artistic beauty of the show, or because he or a character close to him get straight bodied by an ice dragon? Only time will tell. Either way, this is either a very, very good sign, a very, very bad sign, or most likely, both.
Production of Game Of Thrones eighth and final season began in Belfast in early October. The final season is expected to premiere in either late 2018 or early 2019.
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