Carrie Fisher: Actress To Appear In Posthumous 'Family Guy' Appearance

The late Carrie Fisher is still set to appear in a few episodes of Family Guy, having recorded voice-work for the show prior to her passing, appearing in the show’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi special and two more episodes.

The episode will be divided into three parts, with Fisher’s character appearing in all three

Fisher’s character, Peter Griffin’s boss, Angela, will get to fire the family patriarch three times in the upcoming episode, “Three Directors.” The format of the episode will involve the scenario of Peter’s resignation being reimagined by three different filmmakers.
“She comes in dressed in this odd get-up that we’ve never seen her wear before, and says, ‘You’re relieved of your position,’” said executive producer Steve Callaghan in a statement with Entertainment Weekly, adding, “It’s like, who fires someone that way? Beyond just the words themselves, her delivery of it was perfect, just the right balance of realistic, but stilted and oddly distant.”

The episode will have a kiss between Peter and Angela

In one of the different versions of the three-parter, Angela will even give Peter a kiss. According to Callaghan, this part is one of his favorite scenes in the upcoming episode, adding, “So, having to direct her to make those noises was hilarious. We were all just cracking up, because I remember saying to her, ‘Okay, so now Angela is kissing Peter, and it’s just wet and lots of tongue,’ and she just jumped right into these ridiculously gross but hilarious noises.”
According to The Wrap, Fisher will appear in her final, posthumous appearance on the show this upcoming September.  In addition, the series will pay tribute to Fisher and her character in an upcoming episode meant to air by next fall, with a short tribute also be placed in the upcoming Season 15 DVD release of the series.

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