Quavo & Offset Tried To Fight What Could Be The Largest Human Being On Earth

Look, I don’t know how big The Mountain from Game Of Thrones is, but whoever this dude is, he looks bigger. Maybe not taller, but certainly wider. Either way, this dude that Quavo and Offset of Migos tried to jump probably weighs as much as the two of them combined.
What’s strange is that I’m actually a little torn on where I stand on this mini-brawl.
On one hand, jumping someone in this way is a bitch move, no matter the time or place. That said, to jump THIS dude, takes some serious, dare I say, Quavos (that’s a huevos joke).
via TMZ:

Quavo and Offset from Migos took a couple of hard swings at a guy twice their size … and came up short. The 2 members of the rap trio got into a scuffle Thursday night at the W Hotel off Lexington Ave. in NYC, after their show at the Power 105.1 Powerhouse concert.
It looks like the man was in an altercation with another group of guys before Quavo and Offset jumped in. Some of those dudes might have been in Migos’ camp, especially by the way Quavo and Offset reacted. Unclear what exactly set things off.
Law enforcement sources tell us cops were not called to the hotel, so it would appear this one got handled in the streets. We’ve reached out to Migos for comment … so far, no word back.

While no serious blows are landed, the highlight of the video is the preposterous first swing and miss by Quavo, who has to leap half-a-foot off the ground to even come close to reaching this monstrosity’s face.


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