Four Injured At Texas Halloween Party Shooting: Full Story & Details

A man dressed as Santa Claus has reportedly shot and injured four people at a Halloween party, three of them being hospitalized, as reported by police in Texas.

What had transpired in Austin, Texas?

According to police, the victims and the suspect had all been attending the same Halloween party early Sunday, October 29. Four people were victims in the incident, as explained by the Austin Emergency Medical Services. Two of the victims were found to have critical, life-threatening injuries. A third victim was said to have serious, but not life-threatening injuries. Reportedly, the fourth victim refused emergency medical services.
Police have said that the shooter knew the partygoers, meaning that that shooting was not random. Reportedly, the shooter, who was dressed as Santa Claus, was arrested at a separate place and is in police custody. No charges have officially been filed as the investigation is currently ongoing, according to the Sacremento Bee.

Austin police explained the incident as it transpired through a series of Twitter posts.

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