#BlackCatsAre: Watch People Show Their Love For the 'Sylverster's' & 'Salem's' Out There

Black cats already had their big day earlier this month on Friday the 13, but with Halloween coming up, they still have paths to cross. Once thought to be bad luck and the minions of witches, modern man has either learned it was wrong to misjudge our feline friends or mankind realized having powers to control luck is all the more reason to love and respect them. With the hashtag, #BlackCatsAre, Twitter is showing their love for the black cats out there!

Many people are using the hashtag to promote awareness of black cats in need of good homes. Due to superstitious nonsense, some people may not give poor black cats a chance, or even abandon cats. If these hashtags are unable to convince you to give up any misconceptions you might have over black cats, then remember, it is probably a good thing to have things that create luck, good or bad, on your side. Still, in honor for the reason, we’re going with 13 posts to showcase our support for black cats.

‘Sailor Moon’ & ‘Sabrina’ Agree: Black Cats are the Perfect Sidekick!




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