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Weezer is an American rock band formed in Los Angeles in 1992, consisting of Rivers Cuomo (lead vocals, guitar), Patrick Wilson (drums), Brian Bell (guitar, backing vocals, keyboards), and Scott Shriner (bass guitar, backing vocals). Their type of music revolves around several genres: alternative rock, power pop, pop punk, emo, and indie rock. One of the most illuminating achievements in their musical career was selling 9.2 million albums in the United States. In addition, Weezer has sold over 17 million albums worldwide.
After signing to Geffen Records in 1993, the band released its debut self-titled album, also known as the Blue Album, in 1994. Backed by successful music videos for the singles “Buddy Holly”, “Undone –The Sweater Song” and “Say It Ain’t So”, the Blue Album became a triple-platinum success. Weezer’s second album, Pinkerton (1996), featured a darker, more abrasive sound. In 2001, Weezer returned with another self-titled album, also known as the Green Album. The album was a commercial success and received mostly positive reviews. Weezer’s fourth album, Maladroit, was released in May 2002 to mostly positive reviews.
Weezer’s fifth album, Make Believe, was released in May 2005; despite mixed reviews, its single “Beverly Hills” became Weezer’s first single to top the US Modern Rock Tracks chart and the first to reach the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100. In June 2008, Weezer’s third self-titled album was Red Album. Its lead single, “Pork and Beans”, became the band’s third song to top the Modern Rock Tracks chart.Weezer’s seventh and eighth albums, Raditude (2009) and Hurley (2010) were released. If that’s not enough,the band’s ninth and tenth albums, Everything Will Be Alright in the End(2014) and the band’s fourth self-titled album, also known as the White Album (2016), returned to a rock style and achieved more positive reviews. The group’s eleventh studio album, Pacific Daydream, releases today, October 27, 2017.
When I first glanced at the cover art, it is reminiscent of my childhood. The image of a child in the album evokes a time when one was simply playing on a playground, with his or her body on a swing, feeling the breeze and breathing the air of nature. The girl depicted in the album is wearing a floral or heavily designed skirt, swinging over Earth. The cosmic aura is in the background in conjunction with Earth and its white polar caps or clouds, perhaps. If you look on the bottom right corner, there appears to be Chinese calligraphy. Overall, the cover art is enticing, vivid, nature-like, and unique.
When I first listened to Weezer’s song, “Feel Like Summer,” the vibe is chill and catchy. The youthful sensation, as well as the incorporation of electronic and upbeat beats, create joy and satisfaction. The lyrics are repetitive but the vocals mesh well with the modest instrumentals. Whistling is also involved throughout the song. As for “La Mancha Screwjob,” the song seems to be a likely selection at a clothing store like Hollister. The vibe is care-free and youthful. Also, the song would typically parallel itself with summer life, beach days, and warm evenings. The vocals are boosted with individuality, charisma, and passion for living. Overall, the album is enjoyable and cheery.

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Apple Music Pacific Daydream Stream

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Download Pacific Daydream

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Pacific Daydream Tracklist

  1. “Mexican Fender”
  2. “Beach Boys”
  3. “Feels Like Summer”
  4. “Happy Hour”
  5. Weekend Woman”
  6. “QB Blitz”
  7. “Sweet Mary”
  8. “Get Right”
  9. “La Mancha Screwjob”
  10. “Any Friend of Diane’s”
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