Black Lives Matter Activist Hired By The University Of Kansas After Being Banned For "Threatening" The Dean

The University of Kansas banned a Black Lives Matter activist from one of their buildings after he was accused of “threatening conduct” towards the dean. But now, the dean doesn’t work there anymore and that activist was recently hired as a a graduate teaching assistant in the school’s theater department. Wow.
Caleb Stephens is a licensed social worker and Black Lives Matter activist who belongs to the local Kansas chapter of the group. He is also a student at the University of Kansas, working on a doctorate degree, according to a report from The Lawrence Journal-World on Tuesday.
Roughly two years ago, Stephens was accused of accosting his dean, as he reportedly cornered the school work dean “unannounced and without appointment”. Stephens is said to have ordered the dean to send out a message that the activist would dictate. Shouting from Stephens was reportedly captured on video, which disrupted classrooms and was said to have made “other students to fear for their personal safety.”
Here’s a look at part of a letter dated December 2015 from the Office of the Provost, which describes Stephens alleged behavior, which resulted in him being banned from the School of Social Welfare building at the University of Kansas…

“You then began shouting at the Dean, from the doorway, and your voice could be heard up and down the halls. Your shouting — captured on video that I reviewed — disrupted classrooms, and caused instructors and other students to fear for their personal safety. Please note that if you engage in a similar disruptive and threatening conduct in other University buildings, you may be subject to arrest for disorderly conduct, and this ban may be expanded to include the entire campus.”

As a result of his “profanity-laced” behavior, Stephens was banned from that specific building until 2019, according to the Lawrence Journal-World. That newspaper also describes the details of the student’s recent hiring at the very same university where he accosted his dean. The source for that newspaper also contacted the cancellor’s office, telling them about Stephens past history on campus and online.

“The anonymous sender was concerned about Stephens’ language on Facebook, in which he wrote — seemingly in response to an issue of racial injustice — that “yt (white) people are such pieces of (expletive),” with “no accountability and responsibility.”

In 2016, Stephens spoke with the University Daily Kansan, stating that his altercation with the now-former dean Paul Smokowski resulted from earlier discussions this dean had with the black student activist group Rock Chalk Invisible Hawk.
Stephens was reportedly one of the students who came into the dean’s office unannounced, trying to convince him to “write an e-mail showing solidarity” with fellow social justice warriors.
The BLM activist who was previously banned has denied ever-threatening the administrator. However, he does admit to using expletives with the dean who he claims “didn’t f**king care about” minorities.
But back to the headline… Damn, that’s a lot of power. Seriously. You’d have to have a lot of clout to behave in such a manner with the end result of you getting a job at the very same university. How many of you would be able to curse out/talk down to your dean and wind up with a job at that school? This then inspires the poll of how would you have reacted if you were in charge at the University of Kansas…
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