Halloween Costumes 2017: Top 25 Most Popular Outfits According to Google

It’s getting closer and closer towards the last minute before Halloween, and should at the very least have settled on what you are going to dress up as this year, even if you don’t have the costume ready. Google, as part of their Frightgeist promotion, has released some of the most popular costume choices this year, and we have the Top 25 for you right here. You can be sweet or silly, not to mention scary, not just with who you choose, but how you wear it!


I’m not entirely sure if they were talking about the Rugrat, but it is Halloween, so let’s go with that possessed doll from Child’s Play. If you really want to vintage, I would suggest Talky Tina. The men’s version can be purchased here.


The iconic, go-to costume of babies and pets, this costume is usually meant to be cute. Scary variations do exist, with people using the pumpkin as a mask, a la Headless Horseman, as can be seen here.

The Joker

One of Batman’s more popular villains, the Clown Prince of Crime has had many variations over the years, so there is a lot to choose from. As seen here, you can forgo the white facial make-up in favor of a mask, as seen here.


I think, deep down, there’s a skeleton inside all of us. It’s also a pretty versatile costume. Put on a top hat and say you are Baron Samedi or don a nice dress, with flowers and a veil, and say you are La Catrina, the latter of which can be seen here.


Halloween loves to go to the movies each year, and Disney’s recent live-action take on the classic fairy tale has made the first-half of “La Belle et la Bête” a popular choice this year, as seen here.


I’m wondering if the people looking this up wanted to be Chucky but couldn’t remember his name. Between Barbie and Raggedy Ann, given that this is still Halloween, let’s not overlook my favorite form of doll: voodoo doll, as seen here.


You can argue that vampires have lost of bit of their, shall we say, bite thanks to certain media portrayals, but they haven’t lost their spot as a Halloween costume just yet, even if wearing fake fangs are a pain in the…neck. A whole list of vampire costumes can be seen here.

Ninja Turtle

Somehow, reboot after reboot, these turtles with their meticulously specific name are a popular costume this year. It probably helps that there are four of them, and you could easily switch between them just by changing your eye-mask! The four masks alone can be found here.


Between Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, and the rest, fairy-tale princesses have been icons for the past few centuries, and there’s certainly a lot to choose from. Even generic princesses are a popular choice, as seen here.


Dinosaurs may have died out, or evolved into chickens, a long time ago, but that does not mean they are not still alive in our hearts. Somehow, they are one of the most popular costume choices this year for Halloween, as seen here.


Instead of going as a vampire or witch, some people want to think outside the box and just be a generic monster. If you want to be a cutesy monster this year, just remember that half the cast of Sesame Street can do, as seen here.


In what is likely a tribute to Adam West this year,you’ll see a lot of Batmen (err…Batmans?) out on the streets this year, though he was always a popular costume, as seen here.


Clowns are pretty scary as it is, so it is always better to be upfront about killing you people. If the makeup seems to excessive for you, you can always don a Pennywise mask, as seen here.


Don’t ask me how people who decide to dress as mermaids expect to walk to each house when they trick-or-treat thus year,so it might be safe to bring a wagon. Of course, some mermaid costumes are just a variation on the class mermaid dress, as seen here.


With DC and Marvel at each other’s throats for years, there are plenty of superheroes for you to choose from. There’s even some foreign choices for people to choose from, like Sailor Moon, as seen here.


Disney’s latest heroine is proving a popular choice for adults and even young children. It helps that she appears as both in the film, and something in between can be seen here.


The Walking Dead, aside, living corpses have always been a perfectly scary choice for Halloween, as can be seen here.


Between Long John Silver and Blackbeard, pirates are just a classy costume. There’s a lot of variety, between hat or scarf, peg-leg or eyepatch, as seen here, so there’s a lot of choices.


I’m not sure if Mickey or Minnie was included with this search, but mice were one of the top choices on the list. Still, even generic choices were on the list, as can be see here.


Are you a good witch or a bad witch? The image of a witch’s silhouette reflected against the moon is one of the most iconic aspects of Halloween, so why not choose it as a costume, as seen here.


I could see why rabbit costumes are so popular this year. Normally, your Halloween costume is a one-time deal, but you could technically reuse this one for Easter Sunday, as seen here.


I think some unicorn costumes out there are going to simply be pantomime horses with horns, but some people are getting a bit more creative with the idea, as can be seen here.


I told you that clowns are scary! Their snow-white skin just screams, “We’re basically the living dead!” Regardless, even if you are one of the poor deluded fools that thinks clown costumes are cute, you can check some out here.

Harley Quinn

With a play on “harlequin” and a slight feminine touch,this infamous Batman character could be a villain, an anti-hero, or even a heroine depending on her incarnation, but she is still a popular choice for Halloween this year, as seen here.

Wonder Woman

Princess Diana of Themiskyra was the top choice this year. While this costume usually goes to the girls, as seen here, something tells me that this costume isn’t exclusive, by any means.


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