WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2017: Results, Live Updates & Must-See Highlights

WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs is live from the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Tonight, we’ll see the in-ring return of “The Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle as he replaces Roman Reigns’ spot in the main event to fight alongside Shield members Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose to battle The Miz, The Bar, “The Big Red Machine” Kane, and “The Monster Among Men” Braun Strowman.
Tonight’s show will also feature the WWE debut of Asuka, as she battles EmmaWWE Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss will defend her title against Mickie James in another big-time women’s division match.
We’ll also witness the debut of Sister Abagail as she goes to war with The Demon. What else will happen on tonight’s WWE TLC extravaganza? Look below and find out the results for the show…

WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2017 Viewing Details

Date: Sunday, October 16, 2017
Time (kick-off show): 7:00 P.M. EST
Time (main show): 8:00 P.M. EST
TV Channel: WWE Network / Pay-Per-View
Location: Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota

WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2017 Kickoff Show


Kickoff match: Sasha Banks vs. Alicia Fox

Both ladies talk trash to each other to start off the match. Sasha tries to slap in the Banks Statement from jump street, Alicia Fox counters and takes counter. Fox knocks Banks down with a tilt-a-while backbreaker. Fox then sends Sasha crashing outside the ring. But Banks makes it makes it in the ring before the 10 count.
Fox continues the assault with a northern lights suplex. Fox continues the offense, but Sasha turns the tide. Banks ends the match with a backstabber followed by a Banks Statement. Fox taps out.

Sasha Banks defeats Alicia Fox


Emma vs. Asuka

Asuka dominates the early going of the match, slapping in a submission early on, but Emma breaks out. Emma shows no respect for Asuka, and hits her with a hard slap. Asuka eats that slap and smiles.
Both ladies run the ropes and Asuka takes down Emma with a hip attack. But Emma turns the tide and knocks her to the floor.
After more and back forth action, Asuka ends Emma with a German suplex followed by a kick and an Asuka Lock for the win. Emma taps out.

Asuka defeats Emma via submission


The Brian Kendrick & “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher vs. Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann

The cruiserweights tore the house down tonight. Kendrick starts off the match, beating down Swann who tags in Alexander. The fight ends up outside the ring, encouraging Cedric Alexander to run the ropes and dive out onto his opponents.
Cedric and Swann double-team the villainous Kendrick. Cedric nails Kendrick with a tilt-ta-whirl backbreaker. Kendrick turns the tide and Gallagher stomps Swann.
After a back-and-forth match, Kendrick has the Captain’s Hook applied on Alexander. Swann breaks up the submission, as he dives from the top rope onto both men with a big Phoenix Splash. Gallagher hits Alexander a stiff kick and a hard head-butt to Swann. Alexander comes back into the equation and levels Gallagher with a Lumbar Check for the win.

Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann defeats “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher & The Brian Kendrick


WWE Raw Women’s Championship: Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Mickie James

Mickie James takes control early on, pushing Alexa Bliss towards the ropes. Bliss laughs and hits James with an elbow. But Mickie is back to her feet as kick as a bullet. Bliss attacks Mickie’s arm, and the referee issues a warning.
Bliss won’t let up attacking Mickie’s arm.
After more back and forth, Mickie turns the tide and levels Bliss with a flying dropkick. But James isn’t able to put away Bliss for the two count. Both ladies tangle. Bliss finishes off the match, spiking Mickie to the mat with a DDT.

Alexa Bliss retains the WWE Raw Women’s Championship after defeating Mickie James


WWE Cruiserweight Championship match: Kalisto vs. Enzo Amore

Kalisto charges towards Enzo. But Enzo uses the ropes to his advantage to get Kalisto off of him. Enzo turns the tide with an elbow to the face. Kalisto comes back with a furry of offense, from a head-scissors to an enziguri. Kalisto mocks Enzo’s dance routine. Enzo runs in the ring, but is sent right back out. Kalisto hits a big suicide dive.


After a back-and-forth match, Enzo pokes Kalisto in the eye when the referee is distracted. Enzo hits his finisher and ends the match.

Enzo Amore defeats Kalisto to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

AJ Styles vs. “The Demon” Finn Balor

After a back-and-forth match, “The Demon” Finn Balor defeats “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles via Coup de Grace from the top rope.

“The Demon” Finn Balor defeats AJ Styles


That victory was “Too Sweet” for The Demon


Elias Samson vs. Jason Jordan

Jason Jordan taunted Elias Samson the entire night; throwing vegetables at “The Drifter” whenever he went out to sing. LULZ.
In this match, Jason Jordan truly dominated Elias Samson. Elias hit some strong offense, but Jordan went into beast-mode and he was hard to stop. Jordan gets the win.

Jason Jordan defeats Elias Samson


The Shield (Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose) & Kurt Angle vs. The Miz, The Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro), Kane & Braun Strowman

This match was absolutely insane. The bad guys (Miz, Strowman, Kane, and The Bar) picked up apart of their opponents for much of the match. Strowman sent Angle to the back after throwing him through a table.
But the tension between two monsters proved to be the downfall for The Miz’s team. Kane accidently hit Strowman with a steel chair, which provoked “The Monster Among Men” to push Kane to the floor. The Miz and The Bar got between both men, and it appeared as if tensions had cooled. The Miz directed his boys to take out the trash (Ambrose and Rollins) and literally toss them into a garbage truck.
But Kane strikes Strowman and chokeslams him through the stage. Kane pulls down a string of steel chairs hanging from the ceiling, and it all comes falling down on Strowman. When Strowman emerges, he attacks all his teammates. Miz, Kane, and The Bar take out Strowman and toss him into the garbage truck.
Ambrose and Rollins are being picked apart. It looks as if The Shield is finished until…Kurt Angle’s music hits. Sheamus & Cesaro runs down to attack Angle who turns the tide and hands out Angle Slams. Cesaro is drilled through a table via Angle Slam.
Angle battles Kane and is able to fend off “The Big Red Machine” (barely). The Miz comes in the ring for a Skull Crushing Finale and goes for the pin. Angle kicks out at the count of 2, and Miz can’t believe it.
The Shield and Angle descend on The Miz. Ambrose hits a Skull Crushing Finale. Angle and The Shield finish off The Miz with a triple powerbomb.

The Shield & Kurt Angle defeat The Miz, The Bar, Kane, and Braun Strowman

WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs Live Stream: How To Watch WWE TLC PPV Online
WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs Live Stream: How To Watch WWE TLC PPV Online
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