Living in America 2017: Top 10 Places Millennials are Moving To

Where do we start about millennials? At the very least, they appear to understand the importance of three little words: location, location, location. At least, this is true according to Time, who crafted a list of the top 25 cities that millennials are moving to, looking at “millennial migration” from 2010 to 2015. Despite the name of the number, there are technically more than 25 cities that ended up on the list, as tri-state and metropolitan areas were grouped together. That said, look at the top 10 to see the most popular cities and places in case you want to go where the millennials are (or alternatively, learn what places to avoid…not everyone’s too keen on millennials).

No, New York City did not make the Top 10

Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News

State: Virginia, North Carolina
Millennial Exports: 7,034 (16.4%)
Place in the Running: 1


State: Virginia
Millennial Exports: 5,176 (14.9%)
Place in the Running: 2

Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario

State: California
Millennial Exports: 1,014 (11.7%)
Place in the Running: 3

Memphis Metropolitan Area

State: Tennessee, Mississippi, & Arkansas
Millennial Exports: 1,714 (9.5%)
Place in the Running: 4

New Orleans-Metairie

State: Lousiana
Millennial Exports: 5,199 (8.5%)
Place in the Running: 5

Austin-Round Rock

State: Texas
Millennial Exports: 4,523 (6.6%)
Place in the Running: 6


State: Pennsylvania
Millennial Exports: 4,177 (6.6%)
Place in the Running: 7


State: Maryland
Millennial Exports: 7,740 (6.5%)
Place in the Running: 8


State: Massachusettes, New Hampshire
Millennial Exports: 15,549 (6.5%)
Place in the Running: 9

Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach

State: Florida
Millennial Exports: 9,633 (6.4%)
Place in the Running: 10

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