University Of Missouri Active Threat: Full Story & Must-See Details


The University of Missouri has issued a safety warning, telling students of an “active threat” on campus, and requesting that they contact their parents and inform them that they’re okay. Columbia police are currently investigating the situation, and say that a suicidal female suspect with a handgun is the cause of Wednesday’s active threat at the University of Missouri.

Update (10/18/17; 12:53 P.M. local time): Authorities have located the subject off campus. The suspect is reportedly safe.

Update (10/18/17; 12:23 P.M. local time): Authorities are warning the entire campus community to stay away from the White campus area.

Update (10/18/17; 12:08 P.M. local time): Suspect has been described as a mid to late-twenties, black female, wearing a black Mizzou hoodie with gold lettering. She is wearing flip-flops. Her height is reportedly 5 feet, 4 inches. She reportedly wears 120 pounds. She is believed to be in the White Campus area, as authorities are pinging her phone. MUPD and Columbia Police are currently searching for the subject.

The reportedly suicidal female suspect was last seen walking east on Locust Street from Hitt Street. She is described as a black female dressed in a Mizzou hoodie and brown pants and wearing flip flops. She was potentially last seen in the area of the MU Chemistry building.

The MU Alert Online Emergency Information Center released a statement on the developing situation.

The University is asking that students contact their parents and inform them that they’re safe.

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