Riff Raff Net Worth 2021: How Much Is Riff Raff Worth Now?

If you’ve listened to any of his songs the past two years, you know that Houston-based hip-hop artist Riff Raff made an astounding $4 million in 2016 after starting his own label. But how much is he worth now?
Riff Raff, born Horst Christian Simco, began his music career in 2005 and has since dropped an astonishing 19 mixtapes, three studio albums and one EP. Coupled with appearances on MTV’s “From G’s to Gents” and a teaser trailer for a starring role in the movie Peach Panther, Riff’s name-brand dropping tracks bring a looser feel to today’s mainstream hip-hop.

Riff Raff’s Net Worth as of 2019: $6 million

Never leaving his “Codeine Castle” without at least a few hundred thousand dollars worth of jewelry on him, let’s see how the Freestyle Scientist got to where he is today.


Riff found himself in the same situation as many aspiring rappers when trying to get their foot in the door — pushing homemade CDs at local malls.
His first taste of the spotlight arrived in the shape of competing in the second season of MTV’s “From G’s to Gents,” where Riff’s colorful personality and even more colorful zig-zag braids gave him national attention. Although he was eliminated two episodes in, the exposure helped launch his music career.


Riff dropped an astounding six mixtapes in 2010 alone, which highlighted not only his unique flow but his love of dropping expensive name brands. After dropping tapes such as “Rookie of the Future” and “The Freestyle Scientist,” Riff signed with Soulja Boy’s S.O.D. Money Gang label in 2011. After a falling out between himself and the label, Riff signed with Diplo’s Mad Decent label in 2012.


Under Mad Decent, Riff released his single “Dolce & Gabbanna” as a prelude to his upcoming album Neon Icon. Although the track did not make the final product, the 15-track album that included big names such as Childish Gambino and Mac Miller sold over 11 million copies in its first week of sales while debuting as No. 22 on the Billboard 200.
With his brand growing, Riff signed a $4 million joint venture deal to create his own label: Neon Nation Corporation. With the huge payday came several huge purchases, including a $2 million mansion in Las Vegas and, of course, more flashy jewelry.
He dropped the EP “Trenchcoat Towers” the following year before releasing his second album “Peach Panther” in 2016, which featured more big names such as Gucci Mane and G-Eazy. Following a third album, “The White West”, Riff’s newest venture involves adult actress Bella Elise Rose for a webcam series.


Riff Raff will be all across the United States with his tours starting in March of this year.


Riff Raff is starting his 2019 off with a new song ‘Make It Drop’ with assistance from YG.

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