Luke Ferguson Arrest: Full Story & Must-See Details On Double Murder Suspect

Luke Ferguson has been arrested for allegedly shooting four people and killing two in in an upscale Aliso Viejo neighborhood. A manhunt was issued, as authorities searched for their suspect. He was reportedly apprehended by West LAPD on Hill St. just west of Lincoln.

Click here to listen to an audio recording of Ferguson’s arrest.
Here’s a photograph of the suspect, who is reportedly a 26-years-old white male, who is 6 foot 1, and weighs roughly 200 pounds.

The shooting reportedly occurred at 2:48 P.M. (PT) on Thursday in Ashbury Court in the Hamptons community of Aliso Viejo. Ferguson allegedly shot four people, fatally wounding two.
One of the people killed was 51-year-old Lisa Cosenza, who was initially identified by the corners, and then by friends of the deceased. Here’s a photograph of Lisa (check the gallery for more)…
A man was also killed during the shooting, but he has yet to be identified. Authorities report that one of the people Ferguson killed was his own family member.
Two other men were wounded in the shooting and taken to a hospital while in critical condition. The ages of the men are 23 and 48-years-old.
Authorities recommended that residents in the Hamptons community do not leave their homes, while the shooter was still at large. Officials even offered to provide residents with transportation, so that they could safety be escorted in and out of their neighborhood.
Ferguson reportedly lived in the Aliso Viejo community where the shooting occurred.
Neighbors reportedly heard an argument and gun shots on Thursday.
Stephanie Reynolds, an area resident, said, “It’s more just shaken us a little bit, knowing that something happened in our neighborhood that was so close to us.”
The motive of the shooting is still unknown, according to authorities. Check back as the story develops…

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