Fantasy Football Scout 2017: Zach Miller

Every quarterback needs a security blanket. From speedy wideouts to physically formidable tight ends, there are a plethora of options that signal callers favor depending on their preference. However, the common theme amongst these reliable pass catchers is their ability to hold onto the ball when it’s thrown their way while being able to convert those receptions into either massive amounts of yardage or touchdowns. For rookie quarterbacks, it is paramount for them to have at least one receiver who they can rely on to bail them out of sticky situations. While tight end Zach Miller was not a go-to target for former Chicago Bears starter Mike Glennon, his presence was essential in helping Mitchell Trubisky find success in his professional debut against the Minnesota Vikings.
Team: Chicago Bears
Position: Tight End
Percent Owned On Fantasy Teams: (Yahoo Fantasy): 21%
Fantasy Points Total Thru Week 5 (Half PPR): Projected: 29.65 Actual: 32.20
In terms of opportunity statistics, Miller has quietly posted some of the more consisted numbers for a tight end in terms of targets (27, 11th amongst tight ends) and overall target shares (16.4%, 14th amongst tight ends). Combined with his contested catch rate of 20% (8th amongst tight ends), Miller is actually one of the more steady tight ends in the league. However, Miller’s grit and toughness are often overshadowed by his lack of flash, which is due in part to him running only 1.9 yards per pass route (39th amongst tight ends).

Still, the fact remains that the Bears are devoid of reliable playmakers, which is evident when you consider that Miller receives 33.3% of his teams end zone target shares (4th amongst tight ends). So, While Miller may never garner the big receiving yards of the top-notch prolific tight ends, his targets in the end zone will allow him more opportunities to score. It may not always be pretty, but Miller has the hands and toughness to make contested catches in the area of the field that matters the most.
In the end, Miller is an intriguing bench player that could definitely fill in for one of your tight ends that is either injured or off on a bye week. While he’ll never have a high ceiling scoring wise, his presence in the offense combined with his end zone targets makes him fairly valuable in certain matchups. Although Miller may never be a consistent starter even with Trubisky relying on him heavily, he can definitely score enough points as a stand-in should you need him.

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