Kit Harrington Tells The Story Of The Prank That Almost Got Him Dumped


Johnathan Ross Show

Anytime you find yourself down in the dumps, wondering if true love even exists, just remember that Jon Snow and Ygritte are married in real life. That is until Kit Harrington almost screwed it all up by pranking her with a fake severed head.

As any loving boyfriend/fiancee/husband does, Kit Harington likes to f*ck with his significant other. After all, isn’t half the fun of being in a relationship being able to mess with the other person? All that said, as much as I passionately enjoy f*cking with my girlfriend, I’d never go as far as putting a fake severed head in our refrigerator. Seems slightlyyy aggressive if you ask me. Then again, I don’t have a six-pack like Jon Snow, so he’s playing with a couple more bullets in the chamber if you know what I mean.

Appearing on The Jonathan Ross Show (side bar: love how this dude is always drinking wine on the job — Europe, man), Harington told Ross and Liv Tyler (sup?) the story of said prank and how it was almost enough to get his ass dumped.

Even though, let’s be realistic, no sane female in this galaxy is dumping this dude.

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