Based On This Image, It Appears We Have Been SERIOUSLY Sleeping On 'Undisputed'

Skip Bayless is the sports journalist equivalent of what happens when purgatory meets a black hole.
Thousands of years ago and thousands of years from now, across all planes of time and space, Skip Bayless is somewhere arguing something preposterous like Tony Romo is more clutch than Tom Brady or RGII could have been better than Russell Wilson with better coaching or that Dwayne Wade is the better generational talent than LeBron James. You know, Skip Bayless shit.
And because of Skip Bayless and his usual aforementioned shit, I have never tuned into a second of FS1’s TWO AND A HALF HOUR LONG sports debate show Undisputed.  And I’m starting to think that may be a huge mistake.
It’s been no secret that Undisputed has struggled for viewers thus far, routinely getting beaten in the ratings by various syndicated re-runs and children’s cartoons. Now, while there’s no word on whether Fox Sports plans on pulling the plug (doubtful, considering how much they’re paying Bayless), based on the below clip, it appears that the producers are taking an “anything goes”/”please god go viral” approach. And if that’s the case, we are HERE for it, because the only thing better than an off-the-rails Skip Bayless, is an off-the-rails Shannon Sharpe.

And if Shannon and Skip going berserk isn’t enough to peak your interest, moderator Joy Taylor is also a 10/10, so that certainly helps.

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