NYCC Costumes 2017: Top 10 Best Cosplay & Must-See Photos

2017’s New York Comic Con was one of the best in years and fans followed suit by busting out their freshest cosplay costumes and hitting the show floor! With the meteoric rise of Cosplay happening at conventions across the world, New York showed off their insane styles to make the rest of the world insanely jealous.

From insane takes on classic heroes to the most awe-inspiring costumes seen, New York Comic Con goers brought their “A-Game” to the convention this year.

Here’s our picks for THE BEST Cosplay of New York Comic Con 2017:

10. Spawn & Lady Spawn

Photo by Tom Megan

Kicking things off at #10 are these two Cosplayers with their takes on the classic comic book character, Spawn. While the male Spawn took things up a notch by adding fog coming out his eyes, the Lady Spawn had everyone drooling over her take on the classic antihero!

9. Ravager Rose Wilson

Photo by Tom Megan

Found this impeccable cosplayer dressed as Deathstroke’s daughter, Rose Wilson in her Ravager outfit while roaming the outside of the Javits. Fitted with her signature katanas and machine gun, this Cosplayer was ready to kick some ass!

8. Vega (Street Fighter)

Photo by Tom Megan

Dressed as the classic narcissistic Spanish fighter from Street Fighter II, this cosplayer wore his costume with pride as he dazzled anyone who walked past. The attention to detail in the costume and the added rose landed this Cosplayer on our Top 10!

7. Captain Ana Amari (Overwatch)

Photo by Tom Megan

While Overwatch heroes were a popular choice for many con-goers, this Cosplayer took her Captain Ana Amari costume to new heights with the impeccable recreation of the young “Captain Amari” skin for Ana. Combined with her amazing attitude and incredible attention to detail, this cosplayer blew all other wannabe Overwatchers out of the water.

6. The Punisher

Photo by Tom Megan

Even though Netflix pulled the plug onĀ The Punisher panel, this cosplayer made it up to all the con-goers by dressing in this IMPECCABLE recreation of Frank Castle’s iconic Punisher costume.

5. Storm (X-Men)

Photo by Tom Megan

While walking through the crowded and extremely hot aisles of Artist Alley, this Storm Cosplayer arrived like a vision with her stunning costume. Dressed in one of Storm’s more iconic looks, this Cosplayer rained on the days of all other Storm cosplayers with her beauty and grace.

4. Male Pharah & Lucio (Overwatch)

Photo by Tom Megan

While gender-bending characters is nothing new to the world of Cosplay, these Cosplayers took their Overwatch costumes to new levels with full recreations of Pharah’s Raptora suit and Lucios leg armor/gun! The Male Pharah takes the cake on this one as his wings were fully operational and expanded at his whim!

3. Pickle Rick (Rick & Morty)

Photo by Tom Megan

First off, I have to give this guy props for running around ALL WEEKEND in his amazing Pickle Rick costume! While many attempted to take on Pickle Rick during the weekend, this cosplayer took the win with his AMAZING life size Pickle Rick cosplay!

2. Dragon Ball Z / Lantern Corps

Photo by Tom Megan

Taking group costumes to a new level, this group of Cosplayers decided to mash up two beloved series to create an AMAZING group costume! Dressed as Dragon Ball Z characters infused with the power of the Lantern Corps, these cosplayers blew all other group costumes out of the water!

1. Rick & Morty

Photo by Tom Megan

Rick and Morty may have been the most popular cosplay at New York Comic Con but these two cosplayers decided to up their game and go all out! Using their giant cartoony heads, these two cosplayers were the BEST and most stopped at the show floor! Awesome job guys!

Honorable Mentions:

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