NYCC 2017: Hottest Cosplay & Costumes From Comic-Con NYC 2017

New York Comic Con has become world renowned for it’s giant show floor packed to the brim with booths selling all kinds of geek culture things, amazing panels that preview and screen the hottest & best upcoming shows, and it also has some of the best cosplay in the country!
Coming from all walks of life, Cosplayers attend conventions dressed as their favorite characters across all forms of media. From the most obscure comic book references to all out gender-bending of favorite hero staples, Cosplay has become a way of life for many convention goers as this is their ultimate expression of who they are.
Check out our picks for the Hottest Cosplay seen at New York Comic Con:

Mercy (Overwatch)

Overwatch’s Mercy was a top choice for Cosplayers this weekend and these three ladies topped the rest with their versions of Mercy’s “Combat Medic Ziegler”, “Witch Mercy” and “Classic” skins!

Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Guardians of the Galaxy’s Gamora was another hot choice for cosplay this year at New York Comic Con and these two ladies BROUGHT IT!

Storm (X-Men)

Photo by Tom Megan
This beautiful Storm was on standby outside keeping the rain away on the final day of New York Comic Con 2017!

Raven (Teen Titans)

Raven from Cartoon Network’s amazing Teen Titans was another bad-ass superhero that many cosplayers chose for their NYCC cosplays!

Emma Frost (X-Men)

Photo by Tom Megan
X-Men’s Emma Frost was ready to kick some ass this year in this STUNNING cosplay!

Ms. Marvel

Photo by Tom Megan

Dressed in an impeccable Ms. Marvel outfit, this cosplayer was LIVING it up as Ms. Marvel!

Lady Loki (Thor)

Photo by Tom Megan
Lady Loki was strolling through the aisles of the show floor looking stunning and serving up evil looks for days!

Black Canary

Photo by Tom Megan

Black Canary was ready to kick some ass while at this year’s New York Comic Con!

Poison Ivy (Batman)

Photo by Tom Megan
Poison Ivy didn’t need a man to attend Comic Con with her, because her talking plant was ready to quip jokes and sing some songs when needed!

Stay Tuned to for more recap of 2017’s New York Comic Con! 

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