NYCC 2017: Top 5 Biggest Announcements from the Convention

With 2017’s New York Comic Con now in the rear view mirror, it’s time to take a look at all the biggest news released from the convention. During some of the bigger panels of the weekend, many talented people in the entertainment took the time to show off new and exciting content coming to fans in the near future!
From new trailers of hit shows like, AMC’s The Walking Dead and Netflix’s Black Mirror to brand new looks at upcoming movies like Pacific Rim: Uprising Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie; New York Comic Con was THE spot for entertainment over the past weekend.
Check out the top stories that broke out of New York Comic Con:

The Walking Dead – Season 8 Trailer:

With under two weeks to go until the premiere of Season 8 of the smash hit series, The Walking Dead, the creators and stars of the show decided to treat their loyal fans at their Madison Square Garden panel with an exclusive peak at the premiere!
While the panel was said to have been the weirdest of the weekend, fans walked out happy after spending an hour with their favorite zombie apocalypse survivors. Plus, series creator Robert Kirkman announced that The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead will soon crossover. Kirkman hinted that we may get to see the backstory of an existing TWD character in FTWD, or we may get to see a future version of a FTWD survivor. Either way, he was being extremely coy.

Pacific Rim: Uprising Trailer Debut

As fans gathered in Madison Square Garden for the Pacific Rim: Uprising, none were prepared for the amazing-ness of the film’s first trailer. Rather than the gloomy and heavy sci-fi action of the first movie, the sequel aims to bring a brighter and more energetic tone to the world.
Set ten years after the events of the first film, son of the late Sgt. Pentecost, Jake Pentecost (John Boyega), must band together with other jaeger pilots to take down the kaiju who threaten the world once again. Giving off vibes of Voltron and early 80’s cartoons, Pacific Rim: Uprising is looking to take the reigns of giant robots from the Transformers series (thank god).

Black Mirror

Fans who were lucky enough to get into Saturday night’s Black Mirror panel were treated to an advance screening of the next season’s teaser trailer and got an advance look at the episode directed by panel moderator and all around amazing woman, Jodie Foster!
Given the show’s secretive nature series creator, Charlie Brooker, told the audience,

“It’s a really tricky show to promote in many ways because there are no recurring characters from previous seasons. So, I can’t tell you… “I’ll tell you what Jon Snow is up to now.” Can’t-do any of that. And also you don’t want to know.”

Since the content screened for fans in attendance is looking like it won’t hit online until the actual premiere date, Black Mirror fans will have to stay posted to see when the teaser trailer drops.

Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie Trailer Debut

Arnold and the P.S. 118 gang are back and this time their on a quest to find Arnold’s missing parents on a school trip to South America! Fans in attendance were the first to see the debut of the trailer for the upcoming T.V. movie and even got to hear when it airs first!
The movie looks to bring back and raise several stakes for the gang as their trip to South America takes some turns on their quest to find Arnold’s parents. Will Helga tell Arnold her true feelings? Are Arnold and Gerald going to stay friends? Tune in to find out!
Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie premieres on Nickelodeon this Thanksgiving!

Batman: The Animated Series Heads to Blu-Ray

Warner Bros. Animation
During the Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary panel, production publicist Gary Miereanu told fans the exciting news that the beloved animated series will be making its long-waited debut on Blu-Ray.
While it was said the collection will be coming in 2018, no date or price was revealed. It was said that the release would be happening “later in 2018”.


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