Medal Of Honor Recipient Rips Dan Bilzerian For His Actions During Las Vegas Shooting

If you haven’t already heard by now, Dan Bilzerian is a douchebag.
And that’s not to say that I wouldn’t trade lives with him — because I would — but it’s just the fact of the matter, a fact that Bilzerian himself would probably admit: dude is a douche.
Now, while Bilzerian’s usual level of douchiness — workout videos, Instagrams with naked women, etc — are usually enviable in some fashion (who reading this wouldn’t want a life like his?), his latest Instagram misstep is about as scummy as Bilzerian has ever gone.
Apparently attending the Route 91 Country Music Festival, Bilzerian posted to his Instagram story as shots rang down from the Mandalay Bay hotel, detailing how a “girl just got shot in the f*cking head” as he ran away from the chaos.

As it turns out, actual heroes such as Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer were having none of Bilzerian’s shenanigans.
Meyer, a Marine who received a Medal of Honor for his bravery in combat, ripped into Bilzerian on his own Instagram post, accusing Bilzerian of playing “operator dress up” and filming a “disgusting” video:

This is why children shouldn’t classify heroes by their followers or their photos. @danbilzerian this is what kills me about people like you. Always playing “operator dress up” and so so tough when the cameras are on. A woman just got shot in the head and you are running away filming that’s not what operators do. Please stop trying to be someone your not. People are dying, you’re running away not helping them and pretending it’s worthy of a video is disgusting.

And if anyone is qualified to comment on someone’s bravery (or lack thereof), it’s Meyer.
via Daily Mail:

Rather than stay at a relatively safe distance from an intense fire-fight in which fellow Marines, US Army soldiers, and Afghan soldiers had been caught in an ambush – which he had been ordered to do – Meyer went time and again into the killing zone. During the six-hour battle, he evacuated 12 of those pinned down, provided cover for another 24 to withdraw to safety, and killed at least eight Taliban fighters in the process.

While no one would ever blame a human being for running for their life, someone like Bilzerian, a gun-toting man “wanted” to be a Navy SEAL,  should be one of those people you hear about in the news displaying tremendous bravery (i.e. Taylor Winston or Sonny Melton), not running away from the danger.

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