University Of Michigan Student Shot In Drive-By, Casually E-mails Teacher To Get Out Of Exam

Most students wish their excuse to get out of an exam was as good as this guy from the University of Michigan. On Friday, the student was shot while driving in Jacksonville, Mississippi. He had just turned 21-years-old a week ago, and now he has enough street cred to start his hip hop career (please forgive my corny pun). But the reason story is this guy’s e-mail to his professor that has went viral.
The University of Michigan student who was shot is named Henry, and refused to give out his last name. “As the light turned green the truck just zoomed passed me,” said Henry. “My girlfriend did see a man hanging outside the [truck] window and he shot three shots into our car.”
One bullet hit Henry in the leg, and he was hospitalized for his injury. Fortunately, his girlfriend was not struck during the shooting.
Henry didn’t know he was shot at the time, but when he reached down to touch his gunshot wound, his hand came up covered in blood. He said, “I didn’t realize that I was shot at the time. We pulled over for a second and I kind of put my hand like right here and it was just like, instantaneously covered in blood.”
X-ray photos show where the bullet is still lodged in his leg. “I want to get it taken out eventually,” Henry told FOX13.

Let’s Get To That Viral E-mail

What really made this story pop is the hilarious e-mail from Henry to his accounting professor, nonchalantly mentioning the drive-by shooting and asking to be excused from the upcoming exam.
The Business-IT major said, “I didn’t know what to say to my professor, so I kind of put it nonchalant. I was just like, ‘Dear Professor Rita, I was shot in a drive-by shooting is there anyway that I can move the test?’ And she worked with me really well, and was super nice about it.”
In the end, Henry was excused from the test, and his e-mail has went viral. The student hopes that his shooter is arrested before that person harms anyone else. Henry also reports that, as a result of the shooting, he has achieved a new outlook on life. He said that he will share this new positive outlook with his friends and classmates when he returns to school on Wednesday.
“Just really cherish everybody in your life, and everything that you have, and the fact that you were given a life. Just never take that for granted at all.”​

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