Mean Tweets Are Back & Better Than Ever

Seriously, how can you possibly talk shit about Gal Gadot? She is perfection incarnate.
Between the accent and her beauty and her military past and the fact that shes f*cking Wonder Woman — if you have issues with Gal Gadot, then you really just have issues with your own sorry life.
And how about the fact that this is the 11th edition of Mean Tweets already? I can’t believe we’ve already reached the 11th edition — it seems like just yesterday we were introduced to this classic bit of late night television. Thankfully, it’s still as funny as ever, and last night’s segment was chock-full of top-notch burns
As for Jimmy Kimmel, he may be low-key the best late night talk show host. Fallon is an ass kissing teacher’s pet, Colbert gets too political, and Conan is essentially alien.
Kimmel, on the other hand, is outright funny, rude, and he thinks outside the box. These factors led to the creation of his uber-viral segment “Mean Tweets”, where celebrities and athletes read supposedly real mean tweets about themselves (even though everyone knows the tweets are written by Kimmel’s writing staff).

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