Robert De Niro Reads "Mean Tweets" On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

In honor of his hosting gig at the 2017 Academy Awards, Jimmy Kimmel had a special edition of “Mean Tweets” on Sunday. Watch actors get lampooned by strangers on social media in the Oscars version of “Mean Tweets.”

Yet another solid showing from the best recurring bit in late-night television. The Tilda Swinton joke was my favorite, as that dog could definitely be her stunt double. They must go to the same hair stylist.
But as much as I enjoyed that edition of “Mean Tweets,” the real winner came on Monday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Robert De Niro got an entire segment to himself, and the legendary actor did not disappoint. Watch the cranky 73-year-old cuss up a storm in the video below.

Get some, Bobby! Love seeing that classic De Niro fire. This makes me even more excited for The Irishman. Throw those Benjamin Button effects on De Niro and let that man go to work.

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