Former Texas High School Teacher Found Guilty Of 8 Counts Of Sexual Assault

Deanna Lara, a former teacher’s aide at Snook High School in Somerville, Texas, was found guilty of sexually assaulting students. Lara, who was arrested in December 2015 and indicted on the charges in June 2016, was sentenced to 10 years for each count to be served concurrently.

On Wednesday, September 20, Lara was found guilty eight counts – three counts of sexual assault and five counts of improper relationship between teacher and student.

According to the prosecution, Lara handpicked each student and manipulated them by giving them gifts in the form of money, food, and clothing so they wouldn’t tell others.

Lara was first arrested in December 2015 for improper relationship with a student, which the victims say the relations began back in October of that year. She was later indicted on seven charges of improper relationship with a student and three charges of sexual assault of a child. Burleson County later abandoned two of those initial charges.

The indictment lists alleged incidents of sexual contact with four students, some under the age of 17, including sexual intercourse.

Lara resigned her position at Snook High School back in December 2015 and is prohibited from returning.

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