Danica Noel Arzaga Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details Of Alleged Child Abductor

A mother, who allegedly abducted three of her children, was arrested on Wednesday in Sioux City, Iowa. On Tuesday, an amber alert was issued after the three children went missing out of Clay County. The mother was allegedly taking her children to Minnesota.
Danica Noel Arzaga, 25, allegedly abducted her three children: Olivia Sophia Arzaga, 4, Adia Johnson-Enos, 8, and Lillian Johnson-Enos, 8.
Arzaga was arrested on Wednesday around 4:15 P.M. near the intersection of Outer Drive and Division Street on Sioux City’s northside, according to Sioux City Police Sgt. Jim Cunningham.
The children were not with their mother at the time of the arrest. She had allegedly abandoned her three girls in Sanborn, Iowa, where they were discovered by authorities late Tuesday. The children were then taken to an undisclosed location by representatives of the Iowa Department of Human Services.
At 4:52 P.M. (local time), Danica was booked into the Woodbury County Jail. The suspect is expected to be transferred to Clay County, where the crime was committed.

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