WATCH: 3-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Belt Out "Uptown Funk"

Cancer is an foul enemy, attacking anyone and everyone–including children. But we can’t allow the disease to scare us into hiding, which is why it’s so important to fight cancer, give a face to the survivors and the fighters, and enjoy our lives with our friends and families. Just look at 3-year-old Seth Laurie, a cancer survivor and future pop star, for inspiration.
Seth, clearly a huge “Uptown Funk” fan, took the stage at a Swim Across America (SAA) San Francisco event and sang his favorite song to a lively audience. You can literally see the kid’s excitement as he’s bouncing up and down to the song. It’s very much a heart-warming moment.

As the camera pans around, you can see briefly see the open water where the participants in the SAA event are swimming to raise money to fight cancer. Whether these SAA participants are cancer survivors themselves, friends or family members of cancer survivors, or just good samaritans, the attendees are fighting to give people like Seth an opportunity to sing fun songs. To dance in front of the mirror. To be a kid.
You might not know this, but Swim Across America is one of the few large organizations that have had 100% of their proceeds go to research and clinical testing. SAA has had incredible success working with ground-breaking methods and labs. SAA belives that early stage cancer research, like that which SAA funds, is the single most important aspect of fighting cancer. One of the first labs that SAA helped to finance is the Swim Across America lab at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) here in New York. As some of you may know, MSKCC has had some incredible success in regards to developing treatments for cancer, including the use of vaccines to stimulate the immune system into fighting cancer.
If you like the video of Seth, or you like what Swim Across America is doing, go ahead and check out the Swim Across America website here for more information.

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