This Teacher Who Turned His Classroom Into Hogwarts Just Gets It

It may be cliche, but as someone who hated school, I promise you that its true: if you can make a child, hell even a teenager or young adult, excited about going to class, their potential to learn skyrockets.
Kyle Ely, a teacher “who just gets it” at Evergreen Eagles Middle School in Hillsboro, Oregon, decided that he wanted to do something special for his students, so he went absolutely above and beyond by turning his entire classroom into a Harry Potter world.

Inside, the classroom is filled with Harry Potter decor and memorabilia, with iconic Harry Potter creations such as the Sorting Hat, the insignias of all the houses, floating candles, broomsticks, owls, and more. And the hallway outside of his classroom, Ely was able to recreate Platform 9 3/4.
Best of all, Ely said he only spent $300 to $400 extra dollars on the supplies needed to create the magical room, although it did take quite a little work, as he said it took him 70 hours over the course of five weeks.
If you truly want to get the scale and scope of how detailed Ely’s classroom is, click through the gallery below, it’s truly astounding.

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