Auburn Dismisses Quarterback Sean White Following Public Intoxication Arrest

Auburn backup quarterback Sean White has been dismissed from the football team following his public intoxication arrest over the weekend. White was booked into a Lee County detention facility for appearing in public under the influence on Sunday morning.
According to Auburn police assistant chief William Mathews, White, a 21-year-old, was arrested by Auburn police around 2:45 AM on Sunday, September 17, on the 100 block of North Ross Street.
White had just returned from a two-game suspension for undisclosed reasons.
According to the arrest report lists 141 N Ross St., the address of Auburn’s police department, as the location of the arrest. The report notes White’s condition as drunk and that the arrest was “on view” as opposed to in response to a call or for a warrant.
According to jail records, White was admitted into Lee County jail at 3:28 AM, where he was held on $500 bond. He was released later Sunday morning on his own recognizance.

Auburn head football coach Gus Malzahn has released an official statement confirming that White had been dismissed from the football team:

“Sean White is no longer a part of our football program at Auburn. He has made poor decisions that are not in the best interest of our program, and more importantly, himself. We appreciate his time at Auburn and wish him nothing but the best.”

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