Ohio State Psych Student Shot & Killed By Military Boyfriend

Kyle Lafferty, a 25-year-old naval academy graduate, shot and killed his 22-year-old girlfriend Heather Campbell before then killing himself.
The bodies Campbell, a 22-year-old Ohio State psychology student, and Kyle Lafferty, 25, were found in an apartment in the Taylor House complex in Columbus around 2:30 PM on Sunday, September 17.
According to Columbus police Sgt. Dave Sicilian, investigators believe that Lafferty murdered Campbell and then turned the gun on himself.
via NBC:

Detectives said it all happened inside of a first floor apartment at Taylor House Luxury Community. Sergeant Dave Sicilian told NBC 4’s Elyse Chengery that police received a call around 2:30am Sunday morning from a woman who was concerned about her female friend so she went to check on her.
“She’s the one who actually found them and then she notified us and patrol officers came out to the scene and we started our investigation from there. A murder suicide. It appears that the male murdered the female and then turned a firearm on himself,” said Sgt. Sicilian.
Police spent hours investigating and trying to speak with neighbors. Sergeant Sicilian added a neighbor told police they heard something, possibly a gunshot, and loud voices that may have been some sort of argument.

According to her Facebook, Campbell worked as a Nuclear Engineer Mate in the Navy since August 2016.
Lafferty graduated from the US Merchant Marine Academy, a prestigious naval engineering school, in June 2015. Following graduation, he worked at Kirby Offshore Marine in New Jersey.
Ohio State University released the following statement about Campbell’s death:

“We are heartbroken to learn about this tragedy. Heather Campbell was a psychology major from Strongsville. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends during this incredibly difficult time. Counseling is available for those students in our community who need support by calling 614-292-5766.”

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