Hurricane Lee 2017: Forecast, Map, Path & Live Updates

Tropical Storm Lee is spinning in the Atlantic Ocean. The storm weakened to a tropical depression on Sunday, according to the National Hurricane Center. At one point, Lee was named the 11th storm of the Atlantic hurricane season on Saturday. However, at 11 A.M. EST on Sunday, Lee was demoted to a tropical depression.
Update (9/27/17): In the past 24 hours, Lee has turned from a Category 1 to a Category 3 hurricane, with maximum sustained winds near 115 mph.
“Gradual weakening is expected, and Lee could degenerate into a remnant low by 48 hours, is not sooner,” NHC forecaster Robbie Berg said.
Most recently, the center of the storm was reportedly located 875 miles west-southwest of the Cabo Verde Islands. At the time, Lee was moving west at about 8 mph with maximum sustained wind speeds of 35 mph. Lee needs to have a wind speed of at least 39 mph to be considered a tropical storm.
Lee is not expected to strengthen and isn’t posing any potential threat to any landmasses. As a result, no coastal warnings or watches have been set anywhere for this tropical depression. However, hurricane and tropical storm warnings have been set in multiple islands for Tropical Storm Maria, which may turn into a hurricane later this Sunday.

Tropical Storm Lee 2017: Forecast, Map, Path & Live Updates

Lee is not expected to pose any threat to the U.S. mainland.
Over the next few days, Lee is expected to slowly move west-northwestward into the central Atlantic.
The Bermuda High will influence Lee’s movements. What is the Bermuda High? It’s definitely not about cannabis. The NOAA’s National Weather Service describes the Bermuda High as a “A semi-permanent, subtropical area of high pressure in the North Atlantic Ocean off the East Coast of North America that migrates east and west with varying central pressure.”
By the middle of the week, the storm is expected to dissipate over the Central Atlantic. Lee is expected to die without harming any island, landmass or coastline.
Meanwhile, Hurricane Jose and the soon-to-be hurricane known as Tropical Storm Maria are both posing greater threats in the Atlantic…

Hurricane Maria 2017: Forecast, Map, Path & Live Updates
Hurricane Maria 2017: Forecast, Map, Path & Live Updates
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