These Videos Of News Anchors Saving People During Broadcasts Are Truly Remarkable

As the devastation of Hurricane Harvey continues to sweep across Texas, the best of humanity continues to pour into the state as well.

Whether it be first-responders or everyday-citizens, Americans of all shapes, sizes, and colors are coming out in droves to support the good people of the Lone Star State. Even members of the media (at least when they aren’t sticking their cameras and microphones in the faces of people who just lost their home).

In one of the most viral videos to come out of Harvey, Drew Griffin and his CNN news team were in the middle of a report on tropical storm Harvey when they spotted a man, Jerry (Gerry?) Summerall who accidentally drove into a flooded ravine and started sinking in the water.

Without hesitation, Griffin and his squad sprung into action and pulled Summerall from his truck as it sank.

"I want to thank these guys for saving my life." CNN crew just rescued a man who accidentally drove into floodwaters

— Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) August 30, 2017

"I want to thank these guys for saving my life”: See the moment CNN’s @DrewGriffinCNN rescues a man from a sinking truck in Beaumont, Texas

— CNN (@CNN) August 30, 2017

Look, staged, not-staged, who am I to know? Let’s suspend disbelief for a second and just take it at face value as real.

After all, would you rather it be an awesome life-saving video or a depressing fake news creation? My thoughts exactly.

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