Competitive Eating Champion Matt Stonie Devours 100 Pork Ribs Like A Beast (15,000+ Calories Included)

BBQ spare ribs are the ultimate choice when it comes to orgasmic foods. It’s just dripping with zesty BBQ sauce that will stain your clothes and arteries with love. But can you wolf down 100 of those bad boys? Maybe if you’re Matt Stonie, a 120 pound competitive eater, who holds numerous world records in his sport.

Seriously, what’s the deal with these skinny guys being crazy eaters? This guy Stonie only weighs about 120 pounds, yet he eats like an absolute monster. In 2015, he won the Coney Island’s annual July 4th Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. This guy has also received competitive world records in eating Carne Asada Tacos, Moon Pies, Bacon, and more. He also hold a competitive eating record for devouring the most peeps (255 Peeps in 5 minutes).

This time he steps up to the plate against two hot platters of pork ribs worth $255 altogether, plus over 15,000 calories. Of course this guy chows through both platters in no time. Damn, if only he could have saved some for me.

It’s no secret that BBQ spare ribs are my favorite type of pleasure food. Just watching this video may might a rib fiend run out the door and to the closest Chinese restaurant on the block. Especially if you’re from New York, Chinese spare rib spots are the very definition of crack.

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