These Solo Bags Are An Affordable Way To Look Like You're Punching Above Your Weight

Whether you want to admit or not, chances are that your backpack or school bag is probably pretty run-down. That “well-worn” backpack probably suits you just fine for going to class in your sweatpants or whatever, but if you have an important interview, meeting, or anything else where you need to step it up–for the love of god leave that bag at home. You need something to distract people from the fact that every bartender in a two-mile vicinity knows your name. Enter the new collection from Solo Bags: it’s called the Roadster Collection and we think it looks badass.
On the outside of the Roadster bags, you’ve got a slick black leather exterior, and then on the inside lining there’s a dope dark camo lining. These bags are perfect for your needs today. It can get you to the interview or internship, and then make it all the way to happy hour.

Shop The Roadster Collection Here

When you’re rocking these bags around campus, you’re definitely punching above your weight, but the best part is that the Roadster collection fits well within the affordable pricing we’ve come to expect from Solo Bags.
Even better is that for a VERY limited time, Solo Bags are doing a giveaway for their Roadster collection. Check out the Instagram photo below for details on the contest.


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