Princess Diana Death Anniversary 2017: Life Through Photos

Princess Diana passed away 20 years ago today at the age of 36. On August 31, 1997, Princess Diana was involved in a fatal car crash that shook the world. She was a figure of royalty admired by millions across the globe. Today, we take the time out to appreciate her life and remember the princess through timeless photographs.

Diana rose to international fame in 1981 when she marred into the British royal family. On July 29, 1981, Diana married Charles, the prince of Wales. The wedding was broadcast all over the world, reaching an audience of over 750 million people.
The princess didn’t just sit around. She was very active, involving herself with multiple causes; fighting aids, cancer, and providing awareness for landmines left over in Angola. In 1989, she opened the Landmark Aids Centre in South London, and became the first British royal figure to make contact with AIDs victims. She also visited a leprosy hospital in Indonesia.
Diana divorced from Charles on August 28, 1996. She died a little over a year later as a free woman.
She was born into a family of British nobility, the Spencer family. When her father achieved the status of Earl, she became Lady Diana Spencer. But the world will forever remember her as the beautiful and caring Princess Diana.




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