WATCH: Beekeepers Drops His Pants And Sits On An Active Bee Hive For A $650 Bet

Sitting bare-ass on a bee hive is probably not the best decision of 2017. But when cash is involved, some people can do the craziest things. One beekeeper from New Zealand wanted to make quick and easy money from his friend. All he had to do was drop trou, and sit down with his bare-butt on an active bee hive. Sound reasonable, right?

All this fella has to do is keep his naked ass on the hive for at least 30 seconds. And you can tell by the look on this guy’s face that each second must seem like an hour. This beekeeper/sitter looks like he’s about to burst.

And how much money is this guy going to gain from sitting bare-ass on a bee hive? His mate is offering $1,000 in New Zealand currency, which translate to $650 American dollars. Is that enough for you to stick your bare bottom on a swarm of bees?

According to the Daily Mail, the poor fellow in this video is 27-year-old Jamie Grainger. During the entire ordeal, he protected his nuts from any devastation. When his “friend” finally counted to 30, Grainger sprung up from the hive and ran out into the field, still semi-screaming from pain. However, he had nothing but positive things to say about the experience. Grainger later said that “$1,000 bucks for 30 seconds” is the easiest money he’s ever earned.

Keep your bums away from bee hives, kiddies!

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