Hilarious Video Of Antifa Member Crying "I Need My Service Animal" While Being Arrested

An Antifa member cried and screamed “I need my service animal,” and “f*ck you, pigs,” while being led away in handcuffs at a protest at Berkeley over the weekend. The nature of the arrest has yet to be officially revealed. However, to many on the internet, it doesn’t really matter because this video is f*cking hilarious.
Update: The person being arrested in the video has been identified as 22-year-old Yesenia Mendez from the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been charged with two misdemeanors, one for resisting arrest and another for assaulting a peace officer. Mendez is accused of throwing an apple at Officer Nick Turney “at high velocity.” At the time of the attack, she reportedly wore a purple bandana as a mask over her face. Court documents also state that when police tried to take the suspect into custody, she resisted and allegedly attempted to run from police. Her bail was reduced to $5,000 after previously being set at $25,000.
One award-winning investigative reporter named Shane Bauer tweeted out, “Cops arrest anti-racist counter-protester for having a dog.”
Dogs were prohibited from attending the protest unless that dog was a “service animal.”
Many items were prohibited from Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park, including “glass bottles, bricks, firearms, shields, U-lock bike locks, razor, blades” and much more including “dogs (except for service dogs).”
Five people were reportedly assaulted during Sunday’s clash in Berkley. More than 100 Antifa members stormed a police barricade and literally hunted down the opposition. A “No To Marxism in America” rally was scheduled for that day in Civic Center Park. However, the event was canceled out of fear of violent clashes with leftist groups, particularly Antifa.
A father and son were beaten down in the street that day, allegedly for being “Latinos 4 Trump” and therefore “traitors.”
But back to the issue at hand, regarding this crying activist getting arrested…for gawd sake, can someone hand over that damned service animal already?!
Before you leave, peep the entire list of prohibited items that are restricted from Civic Center Park in Berkeley, California…
Sounds reasonable enough, huh?

Antifa Assaults Father & Son In Berkeley Because They're "Latinos 4 Trump"
Antifa Assaults Father & Son In Berkeley Because They're "Latinos 4 Trump"
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