63-Year-Old Teacher Threatens To Beat Cop's Ass, Gets Arrested For Terrorist Threats And Harassment

An aging school teacher/protester found himself in jail after threats he made to a police officer at a recent Black Lives Matter protest in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. BLM activists came out on August 16 to protest a statue resembling Frank Rizzo, Philadelphia’s former police commissioner and Democratic mayor, who has been accused of “oppressing blacks” and “catering to white fears.”
John Edward Sheerin, 63, was arrested on Friday night as a direct result of his conduct during the protest against the Frank Rizzo statue, according to Philly.com. Sheerin repeatedly antagonized and pelted a particular police officer with insults and threats.
In the video, the teacher directs his rage at a police officer, calling him a “gutless b****,” said the cop is “f***ing done,” said he would “take his f***ing head off.” Sheerin also insisted of giving the officer his address, so he “knock on [his] door” to escalate their feud.
“This 63-year-old man will beat your ass to kingdom come,” says Sheerin.
At about the 1:58 second, Sheerin really gets heated with the officer. The teacher is really blowing his top. Activists need to push him back as rage overwhelms his face.

The enraged teacher works at Philadelphia’s Julia de Burgos School. However, spokesman Kevin Geary said that the school had already been investigating the professor prior to the arrest and he will be removed from school effective immediately until that investigation is complete.
Supporters of the embattled school teacher showed up outside the police facility where officers held him prisoner.
“I really can’t believe you guys stayed out there all night,” said Sheerin in a Facebook post, according to Philly.com. “It must have been so uncomfortable. But I learned something about discomfort from my first night in a cell. There’s nothing SOFT in a cell!”
Sheerin was released on $5,000 bail, his next court date is scheduled for September 26.
“Our comrade is home safe and sound,” said Asa Khalif, a Black Lives Matter Pennsylvania leader, on Facebook. “This man is a true soldier in the fight for justice. Proud to have him as a friend and ally.”
People in support of the statue felt that Rizzo assisted citizens with less power and influence. While activists who want the statue gone believe that he “oppressed blacks and catered to white racial fears.”

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