WATCH: Verne Troyer A.K.A. ‘Mini Me’ Performs ‘Drive By Dunk Challenge,’ Then Attacks Cameraman With Ball

Verne Troyer from Austin Powers fame has gone viral once again. The man known as “Mini Me” recently took part in the Drive By Dunk Challenge, showing off his skills and potentially assaulting the cameraman. Troyer just doesn’t give a f*ck; he balls hard, parties hard, and kicks ass.

The video begins with Troyer rolling up in his fancy black mini-sports car. He has a big orange ball in hand, that looks like a balloon at first glance. Mini Me is about to dunk that sh*t. Oh, yeeaaaahhhh!

WATCH: Verne Troyer 'Drive By Dunk Challenge' Video

Dig it! Alright, I have no clue how “Macho Man” Randy Savage got into this article, but I’ll let it ride anyway.

Mini Me dunked the sh*t out of that toddler hoop. Troyer also sent his wrath in the way of the camera-person. Probably wasn’t the first time Mini Me hurled his ball(s) at an unsuspecting bystander.

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I wonder what internet trend Troyer will capitalize off of next. The Chili Pants Challenge? The Lemon Armpit Squirt? The Fruit Loops Finger Catcher? The Ice Cream Sun Tan Sauna? All of which are completely made-up, but who knows what the web will bring tomorrow.

Mini Me, you complete me.

WATCH: Verne Troyer 'Drive By Dunk Challenge' Video

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