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The White House Under Lockdown After Mysterious Package Found On The North Lawn


The White House is under lock-down procedures after a mysterious package was discovered on the north lawn of the presidential property. As a result, Washington DC police and secret service are investigating this package near the north face of the White House.

After 1:15 P.M., pedestrians and others were cleared from the area along Pennsylvania Avenue, according to a spokesperson from the Secret Service.

Only minutes prior, at 1:10 P.M., a man was arrested for unlawful entry on the Rotunda steps of the U.S. Capitol. He was also carrying a suspicious package, which turned out to be harmless. Police confirm that no hazardous materials were extracted from the package. The steps are absolutely off-limits, especially to common pedestrians.

According to the Secret Service, pedestrian traffic is currently restricted along Penn Avenue between 15th and 17th and the area of Lafayette Park due to police activity.

This story is developing by the minute. Check back for more updates…

The Secret Service and DC Police have officially “cleared the unattended package near the north fence line of the White House.”

One Twitter user by the name of Ray Q. Publius gave a tongue-in-cheek suggestion of who Secret Service should deliver that package to. Yup, another Trump joke.

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