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Derrick Hershal Rollins: Full Story & Must-See Details On Murder Suspect


Derrick Rollins Arrested: Full Story & Must-See Details

U.S. Marshals have nabbed a man wanted for a killing in Haverford Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. The suspect had also allegedly let off gun shots in the Overbrook Park section of Philadelphia late last month. Authorities apprehended Derrick Hershal, Rollins, 24, on Tuesday in Decatur, Georgia.

The suspect allegedly tried to hide himself from U.S. Marshals on Tuesday. But authorities caught up to him when their surveillance teams discovered him with a female associate an apartment complex.

Rollins fled Pennsylvania following the shooting death of John Le in Haverford, Township. The suspect had addresses on the 5100 block of Locust Street and the 4000 block of North A Street in Philadelphia. U.S. Marshals in Philadelphia suggested that Rollins fled to Georgia, and they were absolutely correct.

The suspect is currently being held in the Dekalb County Jail pending extradition back to Pennsylvania.

But first, let’s take a look at the crimes allegedly committed by Rollins….

What Happened?

The story begins around 5 P.M. on Saturday, July 29th, in the 1600 block of North 77th Street. According to authorities, a witness in Philadelphia’s Overbrook Park section reportedly observed a man in a red hoodie, identified as Derrick Rollins, exiting a gray Volvo and walking up to a neighbor’s window to gaze inside. The witness said that he called the neighbor and informed him of what just happened.

Police say that Rollins left the area, so the witness and the neighbor went off looking for a gray Volvo. The duo allegedly found Rollins sitting in his car at 77th and Sherwood. The driver and homeowner confronted Rollins, which led to an argument. Rollins responded by allegedly pulling out his gun and letting off 17 shots in their direction. The driver and the neighbor flee the gunfire.

Later, at around 6 P.M., 29-year-old John Li was shot and killed at an apartment complex in the 2300 block of Haverford Road in Haverford Township. Police say that Le was there visiting a friend. When police arrived at the scene of the crime, a friend was applying CPR to the victim. Le was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Police identified Rollins as the killer in the shooting death of John Le after surveillance footage was released. The footage allegedly shows Rollins running away from the scene of the crime.

In the video, Le is exiting a pizza shop after picking up an order. The suspect is seen walking several feet ahead of him. Investigators aren’t aware what happened with Le and the suspect after they left view of the surveillance camera.

“We don’t know what transpired, but it’s very short and the sidewalk leading up to the apartment is not very long. There was some sort of confrontation. Was it a robbery? We don’t know that yet,” Viola told Action News this week.

John Le’s family describes him as kind, gentle, and hard-working. Li graduated from Temple University. He had just acquired a new accounting job before the fatal shooting.

Those who knew Le said that he enjoyed fresh air and the competition of golf. He could be found at Fairmount Park’s Sedgley Woods disc golf course, several times a week after work.

Derrick Rollins Arrested: Full Story & Must-See Details

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